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York city is located in the Yorkshire County in the Northern region of England. The city was built by the Romans in 71 AD, therefore, the town upholds traditions as well as rich historic culture. There are many events that take place each year within the town that visitors enjoy. Here are some of the events lined up for 2019. 

Events to Attend and Sites to Visit at York City: 

1.    Indian Cookery Classes on 12th January 2019.
2.    York Book Fair on 12th January 2019.
3.    York Brass Monkey Half Marathon on 13th January 2019. 
4.    Dance Tales on 14th January 2019. 
5.    Dante Festival in May 2019.
6.    Ebor Festival in August 2019. 

Other than the events, you could also visit places such as the York Minster Cathedral, watch the walls built around the city, or the Jorvik Viking Centre. The York Castle Museum could also give you a better understanding of the city’s history. 

But then, how do you attend all those events or even tour the historic town as a visitor. Worry not because York Coach Hire Company got you for all the travelling needs. Be it airport transfers, taking you to and from your hotel room, and chauffeuring you around as you visit our historic sites.  You may be wondering why you have to choose us. But here is why. 

Services offered at York Coach Hire Company 

• is available 24 hours 

You don’t have to worry about what time you can contact us either about bookings or whenever you need assistance. We offer 24 hours services. We are also respond to emails and texts. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded at weird hours of the night without reliable transport. 

•    Our staff are trained 

Ever experienced scenarios where you make a call to a company and the customer service personnel seems disinterested in what you are saying? Or have you ever hired a taxi and the driver kept hurling insults at you? Yes, it happens. However, with us, you will experience a service where you are treated with utmost respect by every member of our company that you will interact with. 

•    Drivers have uniforms 

We value professionalism. Therefore, we do not allow our drivers to dress as they please. They have uniforms which makes it easy for you or even the authorities to differentiate between passengers and the driver. It is also worth noting that the drivers are friendly and ethical. They will engage you in conversations but in a respectful way as they show you around our great city of York. Most importantly, the drivers will even help you with your luggage. Yes, we understand that you have had a long journey and the best we can do is offer a helping hand. 

•    Security and comfort is guaranteed

Our minibuses and coaches are spacious and designed to offer maximum comfort to the passengers. It is interesting to note is that you get to choose a vehicle of your liking from our fleet of cars. Security is also paramount and you will not come across cases of your belongings getting lost or you getting mugged. 

   Instant pricing strategy 

Once you select a vehicle that you would want to chauffeur you around, we give you the price within a few minutes. What’s more is that our quotations are given free of charge to all our customers.

•    Unlimited discounts 

We also give discounts to our loyal customers and for referrals. Whenever we have discounts, we inform our clients either by email, text or by updating it on our website. 

•    We keep time 

We value time because we know our clients are busy people who need to get to their destinations on time. As such, we will be where you want us to be at the exact time you tell us. You do not need to worry about getting late for your event. 

•    Background check 

We also conduct background checks and criminal records check to all our staff. You don’t have to worry that your driver could be a kidnapper or a criminal. They are vetted before employment. You can be sure you are in good hands. 


York Coach Company should be the go place for all your transport needs. The company has ethical drivers who are friendly and will help you around. Most importantly, our drivers have no criminal records. Hence, if you are attending any event in the city or just want to tour the town, just give us a call for booking. 


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